Filmarmalade Presents An Alien Cartography by Luciano Zubillaga

d4582c0e3d29e85ced8d1324ca2c25c4 Filmarmalade Presents An Alien Cartography by Luciano Zubillaga
Work in progress 2012 by Luciano Zubillaga

Filmarmalade Presents An Alien Cartography by Luciano Zubillaga at
iMT Gallery Unit 2/210 Cambridge Heath Road London E2 9NQ UK

6th December 2012 18:00 – 21:00 Free admission

An Alien Cartography presents four incomplete ‘works in progress’ films that are to form part of Luciano Zubillaga’s forthcoming feature length work, At the Beginning of the Great Utopia.

The incomplete works include: an internal monologue of ‘the dreamer’, played by Hanna Schygulla; a film of three unnamed characters wandering through the ruins of a fictional nation, and a memorial to a former generation of adolescent revolutionaries, intellectuals and artists, who gradually merge into a parallel, more refined universe.

An Alien Cartography allows each viewer to wander through four films, gradually completing the unfinished work from the raw cinematic ingredients that Zubillaga has created.

Filmarmalade is a publisher and DVD label specialising in contemporary artists’ film and video works. Every year Filmarmalade publish a series of works, selected through both invited and open submission, with the aim of encouraging wider access to the moving image. Filmarmalade also specially commission interviews to accompany each publication to provide a greater understanding of how video and film artists situate their work in relation to the history of art and contemporary fine art practice. Filmarmalade is a project by the artist Gordon Shrigley. The entire Filmarmalade collection is now held at the British Artists’ Film & Video Study Collection.

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