Group Show Tales Of The Unexpected at Transition Gallery Private view Friday 1st November 2013

varwwwclientsclient1web2tmpphpSH5aec Group Show Tales Of The Unexpected at Transition Gallery Private view Friday 1st November 2013
‘Olympian’ Stuart Pearson Wright

Unit 25a Regent Studios, 8 Andrews Road London E8 4QN United Kingdom

Amanda Doran, Kathleen Thompson, Boudicca Collins, Stuart Pearson Wright

Eschewing the limited and oppositional categories of ‘bad painting’ or ‘outsider art’, Tales of the Unexpected nevertheless reflects an attitude to painting that deliberately sidesteps the standards of good taste to challenge the conventionally acceptable by engaging playful means, instinctive logic and/or unselfconscious excess.

Irreverent content, a disregard for accurate representation and rejection of conventional subjects result in intensely personal and liberated paintings that are potent with suggestion and unpredictable appeal.

Each bold piece hints at a back-story, often with sinister or wryly comedic undertones, that combine or antagonise to produce multiple twisted Tales of the Unexpected.

About Mark Westall

Mark Westall is the founder and editor of FAD Website, a curation of the world’s most interesting culture, and Creative Director of FAD Agency, a strategy & creative agency working with brands to solve business problems using cultural tools. In 2008 following his passion for art he founded what has grown to become FADwebsite. FADwebsite is internationally recognized as a key figure within the emerging and contemporary art world, and has been selected as official partner by organizations as diverse as Moving Image, Volta and Christie’s. In addition Mark is a columnist for City and Canary Wharf Magazines and expert advisor to art fair Strarta.

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