REVIEW: Sensing the Future – László Moholy-Nagy, @BauhausArchiv, Berlin

Curated by Oliver Botar of the School of Art at the University of Manitoba, Canada, this exhibition presents the work of Avant-gardist and Bauhaus teacher László Moholy-Nagy, integrated alongside work by relevant contemporary artists; The aim being to create an immediate and fully immersive experience for the viewer, impacting on all the senses – to be experienced at whatever level each individual is able to consume it.

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Atari ET game found in Landfill added to @Smithsonian The Art Of Video Games Collection

An ET Atari game cartridge unearthed this year from a Landfill in the New Mexico desert has been added to the video game history collection at the Smithsonian. Museum specialist Drew Robarge made the announcement on Monday. Robarge says The cartridge is one of the defining artifacts of the dark days of the early 1980s […]

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